A new line of business

A large part of the questions that we receive from potential clients is related to the commercialisation of their products. These questions often derive from their initial need to obtain financial help. In many cases it is not the additional financial resources but rather the need for increased sales to obtain the necessary cashflow.

As a result, we felt the need to open a commercialisation line within Nvest that allows us to help companies with the need for increased sales and improved marketing. We now have a collaboration with a partner that is specialised in these topics and can assist in the growth of your company. The collaboration consists of utilising the sales and marketing specialists of our partner to first of all train our clients but also assist them in the operational part to start selling more products.

Marketing and sales

Nvest can first of all assist in the creation of websites and the individual aspects such as website design, SEO, photo/video and programming. One of the team members of Nvest is specialised in these subjects and receives support from external companies when necessary.

In addition, our new partner is focused on creating marketing plans, storytelling and the implementation of these plans in order to achieve the foreseen goals. Afterwards, the team of our new partner will focus on the sales division of the company where they train and assist the client with the sales of the products to obtain the foreseen results.

Together they will focus on the theory, the preparations and implementation of the new approaches and strategies.


We noticed that flexibility is key, especially since every company has different needs. Therefore, we first of all force ourselves to be as flexible as possible and focus on the need of our client rather than the services that we can offer. Every company has needs, and we need to make sure that we find solutions to that in either finance, marketing, sales or overall organisation.

In addition, we motivate our partners to do the same within their specialty and otherwise Nvest will make sure that we will find the solution to the need that our client has.

At the moment, we can offer quite a wide range of solutions to our customers. We are working in several projects that involve different approaches and we can manage that together with our partners.

Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or specific needs because we can find your solution!

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