The last couple of months we have been fortunate to help out Colombian companies to obtain their financial needs in different forms. We assisted in the arrangement of several debt loans and equity investments for companies within the agriculture, construction, fintech and manufacturing sectors.

Most of the projects were related to obtain working capital in order to cover the loss of revenue due to the Covid pandemic. We also worked on projects that included obtaining capital to expand, renew and therefore make sure to be ready when the situation is starting to get better again. Additionally, we have been assisting companies in the sales of their shares, which in some cases were partially but also completely.

An important part of these activities is working together with our financial partners that structure the projects or companies in such a way that banks or investment companies are interested in making the transaction. This means we have been able to establish good relationships with both our financial partners, banks and investment companies on a (inter)national level.

The investment opportunities we see

We started to see that Colombia has quite a good investment environment for foreign investors that are looking for relatively low risk investments against fairly high returns. There are interesting cultural differences, related to perception of time for example, that provide good opportunities. Also, Colombia has a well-regulated financial sector that is controlled by the ministry, the central bank and the financial superintendence of Colombia.

As a result, Colombia is ranked second in Latin-America for receiving foreign investment by the ECLAC and among the top 30 countries in the world. ColCapital, the Colombian association of private capital funds, represents their members and promotes private capital funds. They also track several indicators on a yearly basis to monitor the investments that are being made.

Nvest Finance

We on the one hand have access to direct investment opportunities that we receive directly from our clients or from our partners that obtain requests as part of their activities in consultancy, accountancy or advocacy. Besides, we also have indirect investment opportunities through the financial partners that we work with in both existing and development projects. Our activities are related to evaluating and structuring projects, and allocating the opportunities among our network of potential investors. We accompany both parties during the process in order to guarantee the quality that we want to offer our clients and partners.

We can provide more information regarding financial indicators, average return rates on both direct and indirect projects, and potential investment opportunities that we have through our network.

Would you like to know more about Colombia, Nvest or the investment opportunities? Please send us a message!

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