Life in Colombia

A question that is being asked a lot is how is life in Colombia?

Well it is pretty good if you can accept living in a different culture, being slightly cautious and willing to live in one of the best countries in the world.

At the moment of this post, i am living in Colombia for 5 years, which hopefully gives me a little credibility for my opinion and views. There are many things to adapt to when living in Colombia when you are used to live in the Netherlands. However, most of these things never have been an issue. A lot of people have been asking if I ever had any problems with drugs or guerrillas?

The answer is no, even though I had a good portion of unlucky situations, which were partly my own responsibility.

Drug dealers are focused on selling substances, and guerrillas have been pushed back far into the jungle and have their own issues to deal with. In other words, I am not an interesting person for these types of people. What you should be looking out for is taxi drivers or sales people that try to scam you, or getting robbed by rats when walking around town in the wrong neighbourhood or at the wrong time. But luckily, these issues are not exclusively occurring in Colombia.

Best country on earth

In general, life is very pleasant. The people are nice, the cities are safe, the food is good, the nature is awesome and there is more than enough work to do (not in terms of fixed employment). On the one hand, Colombia is the best country on earth. But on the other hand, there are many issues that need to be resolved of which corruption and informality are two of the most deep rooted problems. This makes Colombia a very contradictory but interesting country to live in.

Reason that I already live in Colombia is the simple fact that I am happier in Colombia than in the Netherlands, which is quite a good reason in my opinion. I do believe it takes a certain type of person to live in Colombia since it is quite different from the Netherlands. At times it can be quite challenging, for example when I do not get understood well or having differences in opinion about something that appears to be very normal to me, but then turns out it is not. A large portion of patience, adaptability and acceptance is necessary, but that is very much worth it.

Until this day, I get surprised almost every day about something that I see on the streets or when somebody tells me something. This variety of emotions and experiences make me want to stay here for as long as I can.

Come and visit Colombia!

I would highly recommend to visit this beautiful country when you have the opportunity to enjoy all the great things that Colombia has to offer! I am not a travelling guide, but you can always ask advice ;) Many people still have a wrong perception of Colombia, which is mainly based on documentaries, news and own interpretations. For me it is very sad since Colombia is much more than this. I am a 100% sure that everybody will be surprised very positively when visiting the country as a tourist, or in search for business opportunities.

See you next time!

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