Planq design studio to Colombia

Planq is a Dutch design studio that have developed their own material to design and produce their products. This material is called PlanqTextile, and is derived from textile ‘waste’.

The textile industry is one of the most contaminating industries in the world. We all know this, but unfortunately not enough is happening to create a better sector. At the moment, most of the ‘waste’ is being burned or buried, while this also can be used for making new textiles or other products, such as the products that Planq makes.

We started the project in May 2018 with the goal to investigate the market, set up local production of the furniture and create a positive local impact. With Planq we want to show that it is possible to turn residue material into high quality design products that have added value.

Consumers can use the Planq products to:

  • Replace ‘traditional’ products by design products with new textures, colours and sustainable characteristics
  • As a marketing tool to show their importance towards sustainability
  • Comply with rules and regulations to potentially obtain tax benefits
  • Decrease their environmental footprint

But why Colombia?

Colombia, especially Medellin and Pereira, have a large textile industry for both national and international markets. Most large and well-known brands have a production facility in Colombia and a lot of these products will be exported to for example the US.

In addition, Colombia has a strong design sector for interior products and the country is starting to implement new rules and regulations regarding ‘waste’ management.

Our biggest challenge is to create awareness and create products that are adapted to local design taste, but also competitive in pricing. Sustainability is an increasingly important topic; but it should not be more expensive than ‘traditional’ products.

Therefore, we attend many events to promote sustainability, we seek partnerships with sustainable initiatives, we set up local production of the Planq products for wood and metal production, and created a new line of products in partnership with a local design team.

These products are in the final development stage and we expect to launch these new products around March or April 2020 in both the Netherlands and Colombia.

We are very happy with the confidence of Planq and our partners in Colombia and the Netherlands that have been supporting us throughout the last one and a half years. It might take time, but together we can create growth, results and impact.

Stay tuned for updates!

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