The new reality

In Colombia, we have been in a lockdown for a month and we will continue at least for 2 more weeks until the end of April. These past weeks provided many new insights towards the world that we live in and how people handle change. 

Before, doing business in Colombia was closely related to a lot of cups of coffee, lunches and having meetings to get things done. At this moment we can work way more efficient by handling meetings online or by phone and safe significant traveling time and other expenses, which in my opinion is quite positive. I hope that this tendency can be continued after the lockdown since this will be very beneficial for both us as humans and the world as a whole. We have seen a little reluctance in the first weeks to this new reality, but we also see that people are adapting day by day and that certain activities start to be re-activated again.

Time to innovate

At the moment, we are working with several Colombian companies to evaluate the current state of their companies and implement adaptations to create more efficiency and profitability. In order to support these changes, we are also helping them with obtaining the necessary investments and working capital. Besides, we also re-structure their current liabilities to obtain improved interest rates and grace periods.

We have been working within (financial) project development and resource management for almost half a year, and we see that the demand is increasing significantly, especially since it becomes clear that we need to change to a new reality and become a lot more efficient in what we do, but also how we do it. 

In addition, now is the perfect time to make these changes and preparations to start executing and implementing when the new reality really starts. Also, local governments are implementing regulations that include favourable conditions for credits, which is an important and interesting additional benefit/opportunity that these difficult times provide. 

Our hopes for the future

We first of all obviously hope that it is possible to minimize the amount of infected and dying people and that we can reduce the economic implications as much as possible. 

Also, this should be a wakeup call that it is necessary to reflect and make changes accordingly towards our pre and post-Covid lifestyles. It is a good moment to understand the importance of our previous choices towards our health, our consumption of goods and services, our transport methods and probably the fact that we put importance to things that turn out to be not that important in our lives. 

We talk to a lot of people and companies that have or are re-inventing themselves and we really hope that it is possible to keep this going instead of falling back in to the past when all of this is over. 

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