About our Business Development company

About our sustainable business development company

History of Nvest business development

Nvest business development started offering sustainable business development services in January 2017 and has executed interesting project ever since. The company is owned by a Dutch family, and the main office is in Bogota, Colombia. The company is created due to the many sustainable opportunities that Colombia has the offer, and the relatively low level of business that is executed between both countries.

The motivation of Nvest business development

First of all, we are motivated by the Sustainable Development Goals that have been set by the United Nations to create:

8: Decent work and economic growth
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12: Responsible consumption and production
13: Climate action
17: Partnerships for the goals

About Nvest - SDG 8
About Nvest - SDG 12
SDG 13
About Nvest - SDG 17

In addition, the owners of Nvest see many opportunities for sustainable business development between the Netherlands and Colombia. The Netherlands is very advanced in terms of knowledge, technologies and international trade. We want to use these components in order to create a positive local impact in Colombia, but also to create sustainable business opportunities for Dutch companies.


Our mission is to create value for companies that need innovative sustainable developments to elevate their business and grow to the next level, by developing and implementing creative ideas and strategies.


Our believe is that sustainability includes efficient processes to avoid and minimise waste within the supply chain. Also, we want to use the production waste for transformation to new products.

We believe that sustainable business is not created by the traditional economic pipeline because this is very competition orientated with high investment and operational costs to maintain.

Therefore, we focus on creating a network of stakeholders that have a direct impact within the chain in order to minimise costs and maximise results/impact. This is also an important part of sustainability in our opinion.


The vision of Nvest is to be a necessary strategic partner to achieve the desired sustainable development goals of our clients/partners.

Contact us

It is also possible to contact us for services that are not listed. Or if you would like to have a more specific explanation of the different phases, we are open to discuss the opportunities within your scope of interest!

What we do

Nvest offers a set of different services that allows us to create sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia. We work according an in-house developed strategy that takes the opportunities and challenges into account.

How we work

Nvest creates sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia by applying in-house developed strategies that include investigation, strategy development and strategy implementation. Furthermore, we offer personalised services since we believe that every project requires a custom approach.