How we work with our business development strategy

How we work with our business development strategy

In-house developed business strategy

Nvest works according an in-house developed strategy that is designed to create the highest potential results for our clients. Besides, we put great attention to the human aspects such as cultural differences and adaptability.

Cultural differences

Our experience has learned that there are a lot of opportunities and that the intention of cooperation is always there, but that differences in culture are difficult to overcome if there is no party involved that understands both parties and can provide guidance.

Knowing both cultures

Nvest is Dutch owned and Colombian based, which means that we do understand these difficulties and pitfalls. Therefore, we anticipate on these subjects in order to ensure a smooth course of the project.

How we work in a road-map

We made a road-map where we explain our approach step-by-step in five phases. These phases all include the use of proven models and feedback moments to discuss the progress and the results of the phase in order to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

Every project is different and will require different resources. We understand this and therefore we would like to discuss your needs in order to establish a personalised proposal in terms of goals, activities and resourses.

To see the original road-map: The road-map

In addition, it is possible to apply for one of the phases only such as:

  • Project planning and execution

  • Market research

  • Investment and/or finance sourcing

  • Product, service and/or client sourcing

  • Import and/or export guidance

Individual and custom approach

We understand that every company has different needs, therefore we use our strategy as a base and make adaptions where necessary to ensure an individual and custom approach in every project to comply with your needs.

Contact us

It is also possible to contact us for services that are not listed. Or if you would like to have a more specific explanation of the different phases, we are open to discuss the opportunities within your scope of interest!

About us

Nvest is focused on sustainable business development and the company is based in Bogota, Colombia. We are the connection between the Dutch and Colombian market to generate business between both countries. Our services include business consultancy, assistance during the implementation process and assistance after the implementation. Nvest is your local partner in Colombia to create long-term business.

What we do

Nvest offers a set of different services that allows us to create sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia. We work according an in-house developed strategy that takes the opportunities and challenges into account.