What we do for creating business development

What we do for creating business development

Creating sustainable business

Nvest offers a set of different services that allows us to create sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia. We work according an in-house developed strategy that takes the opportunities and challenges into account.

We for example execute the following activities:

– Market investigations
– Project planning and execution
– Finance/investment sourcing
– Client networks for their services or products

– Setting up supply chains
– Creating production chains
– Sourcing of products
– Import and export guidance

What we do for creating business development

Creating business does not only include high quality services or products, but also the human aspects such as cultural differences and market adaptability. For that reason, we do not only provide services such as market investigations and strategy development, but more importantly, the implementation of the strategy.

This allows us to achieve the goals of our clients together and assure the highest possible results in terms of economic results combined with positive social and technological impact

Our main sectors of interest

agriculture creating business development bogota


  • Production of natural products and/or value added products
  • Implementation of knowledge and technologies to create efficiency and improve the quality of both the company and the products
  • Sourcing of natural products and its derivates
Creating business development Bogotá


  • Implementation of sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Local production chains to create high quality products with competitive prices for the Colombian or export markets
creating business development bogota


  • Implementation of Dutch bicycles and parts in Colombia
  • Implementation of Dutch knowledge and technology to enhance the local bicycle sector

Contact us

It is also possible to contact us for different services, we are not exclusively working within these sectors and we are open to discuss opportunities in your sector!

About us

Nvest is focused on sustainable business development and the company is based in Bogota, Colombia. We are the connection between the Dutch and Colombian market to generate business between both countries. Our services include business consultancy, assistance during the implementation process and assistance after the implementation. Nvest is your local partner in Colombia to create long-term business.

How we work

Nvest creates sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia by applying in-house developed strategies that include investigation, strategy development and strategy implementation. Furthermore, we offer personalised services since we believe that every project requires a custom approach.