The Netherlands as innovation leader

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in sustainability and forms the leading top of innovation in Europe together with Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. As a result, the Netherlands stands fourth on the European Innovation Scoreboard from the European Commission. 

Economical stimulation

Stimulation of economical knowledge from the government has a big influence and is presence in multiple sectors of the country. Also, there are possibilities for grants or other tools that promote and assists entrepreneurs to innovate.

Investments in the educational system

Besides that, investments in the educational system are essential to maintain this top position. The results of these efforts are that the Netherlands has become a breeding ground for ICT (information and communication technology), wind energy and sustainable seeds, among others. These new innovations are also very important for developing countries, such as Colombia.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) are responsible for many of the developments in the Netherlands, more than 70% of the innovations come from this sector and it is expected that these companies will increase their R&D (Research & development) budgets in the coming years to maintain their position at the frontline.  SMEs seek a balance between radical innovation and incremental innovation, since both types are important for the short, medium and long-term strategies of the companies.

The Netherlands is strong in

Knowledge-intensive activity, cooperation with companies and universities, intellectual property, income from patents, innovation in ICT, online creativity, and quality infrastructure.

The creative industry

The creative industry strengthens the innovative capacity of the Netherlands due to its innovative and imaginative power. Besides connecting people and get them moving, the creative industry also gives confidence in the world of tomorrow.  The sector is an indispensable link in providing answers to major social issues and offering meaningful solutions to new technological opportunities.


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