How we work

Nvest works according an in-house developed strategy that is designed to create the highest potential results for our clients. Besides, we put great attention to the human aspects such as cultural differences and adaptability.

Cultural differences

Our experience has learned that there are a lot of opportunities and that the intention of cooperation is always there, but that differences in culture are difficult to overcome if there is no party involved that understands both parties and can provide guidance.

Knowing both cultures

Nvest is Dutch owned and Colombian based, which means that we do understand these difficulties and pitfalls. Therefore, we anticipate on these subjects in order to ensure a smooth course of the project.

How we work in a road-map

We made a road-map where we explain our approach step-by-step in five phases. These phases all include the use of proven models and feedback moments to discuss the progress and the results of the phase in order to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

Every project is different and will require different resources. We understand this and therefore we would like to discuss your needs in order to establish a personalised proposal in terms of goals, activities and resourses.


Preliminary phase to explore and investigate the opportunities for your company, exploring your needs/interests, and the role of Nvest.


Creating a project plan to establish the goals, deliverables, time frame and budgets.


Investigation and research phase where all necessary field and desk research will be executed to collect relevant information to develop your personalised strategy.


Executing the determined strategy based on the possibilities and yours needs. Examples: Setting up supply chain. – Creating production chain. – Sourcing products. – Quality control. – Import or export guidance.


After the project is ‘finished’, it is time to achieve the foreseen financial results. Nvest can play an active role after the project, but this all depends on your needs and wishes

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