A slight re-activation of the economy

The Colombian quarantine will stay active until at least the 11th of May. However, the construction and manufacturing sectors will be allowed to re-open with the appropriate measures taken into account. In addition, other sectors such as the agricultural and financial sector were already active during the quarantine. 

The remaining service sector still needs to work from home for the coming period, such as ourselves. We are happy with this news since it will allow a slight re-activation of the economy as a whole and some of our clients and partners are also allowed to get back to work.

Unfortunately, many people with informal, ‘low-skilled’ (horrible word) jobs and own businesses will be without work and thus income. Colombia does not have the safety net that countries like the Netherlands provide and also encounters some other inconveniences that do not assist in the process of helping the people that are in need.

On the other hand, there are many local initiatives to help people in need, and many businesses are re-inventing themselves to find a way to survive.

In the meantime, we are assisting our clients and partners as much as possible to survive this crisis and keep the economy moving. We have several projects that extend to different sectors but also different company sizes, from small farms to large construction companies.

The activities range from obtaining investments and creating (inter)national sales networks to marketing and consultancy. We utilise our in-house knowledge and experience together with our network to fulfill the needs of our clients.

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