Exporting basil from Honda to Europe

Honda, Tolima was already the favorite place of us, but now we have more reasons to go there frequently. We have started a project with a local basil producer that wants to develop his business in Europe.

Nvest will assist with:

  • The market analysis;
  • We made a company/product portfolio (message us if you want to receive the portfolio);
  • Creating an entry-strategy;
  • Execute client sourcing for the basil.

The perfect place to grow basil

Honda, Tolima is one of the hottest areas of Colombia and is located quite central within the country. The hot and dry climate is ideal for the production of basil, which is mainly produced in Kenya and Israel at the moment.

A product comparison was very positive for us since we found that the basil leaves are very smooth but still robust and strong. Also, the stems of the plant are very thick and strong due to the production in open-air. Additionally, the subtropical climate seems to add another dimension of flavor to the basil, which is very pleasant.

The basil farm

At the moment, the farm is producing nearly 200 tons of conventional basil per year, and the goal is to increase the production significantly to serve the European market. In addition, the objective is to differentiate the portfolio of the farmer according to the needs of the market.

The finca (farm) provides jobs to over 40 employees at the moment, which mostly are single moms and vulnerable groups in the region. We want to increase employee rate significantly with the expansion to Europe and also include other farmers in the post-conflict region of Honda to create a positive social and economic impact.

Would you like to know more about the project or do you have interest in the products? Please get in touch with us! 

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