New partnership with Colombia Grow

We are proud to announce that Colombia Grow and Nvest Business Development arranged an agreement for cooperation.

Colombia Grow is focused on the project development and finance sourcing among private investment funds, banks and public funding on both national and international level. The partnership allows us to fulfill the needs of our clients that look for finance to start new projects or support their operations.

This is a great addition to the offline platform that Nvest has, especially since we receive a lot of finance requests from companies that do not have the right resources to obtain the right finance. Nvest can now offer this service to our existing network and new clients.

What is the main difference between looking for proper finance or working with us?

We function as a third party between the financer and the applicant, which means that we assess the application and make changes accordingly to ensure that the financer understands the application. In addition, the financers do not need to execute the complete financial study by themselves because we already did this for them, which means that we can move easier and faster.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about your possibilities.

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