Partnership with the university of Groningen

Nvest Business Development has a new partnership with the university of Groningen. We are working together to explore and develop opportunities for companies from the northern regions of the Netherlands in Colombia. Nvest originates from a norther province called Friesland, so we know the dynamics, enthusiasm and developments of those provinces. We really appreciate the no non-sense attitude and hands-on approach to get things done.

In addition, WTC Leeuwarden and Exportclub Noord are also joining forces to create a stronger network for internationalisation in the north of the Netherlands. Colombia is an excellent opportunity for internationalisation in our opinion and we are looking forward to be part of this process.

You can have a look at our previous blogs if you would like to know why Colombia is an interesting country.

Interested in participating? Please get in touch with us or send a message to:

Wijnand Aalderink
Director external relationships of the faculty economics and business administration from University of Groningen
[email protected]
+31 6 5370482

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