Yesterday, the 26th of May, we were invited by the Colombian army to pay a visit to the military base in Tolemaida to talk about sustainability. We spoke with the national logistics department that is responsible for the distribution of goods through the country, but also for the reverse logistics of an impressive amount of products. We talked about the several sustainable solutions that Nvest has access to, such as transforming their uniforms into Planq products that can be used for several applications. In addition, we also discussed about many other innovative ideas based on the needs of the organisation.

A tour over the base

After the meeting they gave us a tour over the base to have a look at their supply and logistics battalions, their current waste processes and the other battalions. The base of Tolemaida is one of the biggest military bases in Latin America, which is more then 6900 hectares of land, and it is the main training grounds for the army of Colombia.

All-in-all it was a good day with a motivated team of people and a good future perspective. We are looking forward in working together to create a more sustainable Colombian army.

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