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Nvest is the connection between the markets of the Netherlands and Colombia to create sustainable business development between both countries. Our services include business consultancy, assistance during the implementation process and assistance after the implementation. Nvest is based in Bogotá, Colombia, and is your local partner to create long-term business.

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We create sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia. We do this by applying in-house developed strategies. This includes investigation, strategy development and strategy implementation. Furthermore, we offer personalised services since we believe that every project requires a custom approach.

We offer a set of different services that allows us to create sustainable business between the Netherlands and Colombia. We work according an in-house developed strategy that takes the opportunities and challenges into account.

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We value partnership networks to achieve our sustainable business development goals.

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Contact person: Niels van der Wijk
Work address: Cra. 11B # 99-25
Place: Bogotá, Cundinamarca
Phone: +573016234212
Whatsapp: +31651491291
Email: Niels@nvest.com.co